Our Programs

AHEPA provides a wide range of programs to support its members and the wider community. These programs demonstrate AHEPA’s commitment to Hellenism, civic responsibility, and philanthropy, catering to the needs of its members and the broader community. 


AHEPA hosts tournaments, offers scholarships to athletes, and celebrates achievements through the AHEPA Hall of Fame​​. The order of Ahepa has proudly awarded scholarships to a number of deserving Scholar-Athletes at the High School and College Levels for a number of years.  The grants recognize and reward the accomplishments, academic and athletic of whom will be the Hellenic community’s future leader(s)! 


There are several programs dedicated to giving back to veterans, acknowledging their service and supporting their needs​​. The Mission of the Order of AHEPA Veterans Committee is to archive and recognize all veterans of the Order and Hellenic community through sound communication and publication. Furthermore, to conduct fund raising and philanthropic outreach through a cohesive, limited, yet well defined activity that reflects well on the Order of AHEPA and brings credit to the organization at large.


Since the establishment of The Gus Cherevas Estia Pindus Chapter 326 Scholarship Program, Over 30 years ago, the goal has consistently been the advancement of education for the next generation. By providing these scholarships, we have been able to alleviate some of the burdens today’s students face. To date, we have awarded close to $120,000 in scholarships.

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AHEPA runs affordable housing programs for seniors, ensuring they have access to comfortable and cost-effective living arrangements​​.

Public Health

AHEPA provides public health assistance to those in need and supports research to identify cures for deadly diseases. It sponsors medical research for conditions like Thalassemia, also known as Cooley’s Anemia, and supports the AHEPA Hospital wing at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki​​.

Public Policy

AHEPA engages with topics of concern through the Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee, and shares policy success stories to keep members informed on public affairs​​.